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I just passed my Net+ with an 836 and really wondered before I took it if I should do so just yet. I think the biggest thing I am learning having taken the two A+ just 5 weeks ago (and passing...though not as well), is how to take the test, not just learning what was on the test. I really take my time now and read and reread the questions. I would have put something different down in the past because I would blow through things thinking it was easy. That's not to say that study is not important by any means...the more the better...and the tougher the practice questions are on you the better (your ego is not important at this point)...however, it's no point in studying and then blowing it on the exam with poor concentration. A lot of study material tells you how to take the exam and I always treated that as unnecessary fluff. Don't....it's more important than you think. Just think what you are doing.
I have CCNA, A+, Net+....could use advice on what next? icon_cheers.gif


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