TCP/IP question on 70-290 Exam?

mbaileymbailey Member Posts: 1 ■□□□□□□□□□
I read a post here where someone mentioned not being prepared for the TCP/IP questions on the exam. I'm taking classes at New Horizion to study for the MCSE and for this first exam, I've gone through the 2274 and 2275 Microsoft courses. These are "Microsoft Official Course" books. I don't recall either of these books discussing TCP/IP. The CBT material is from careeracademy.com and I don't recall it covering TCP/IP either.

I'm also using Transender to study, and don't recall it there as well. I was also surprised to see Transender questions about VBScript because that was never covered in the MS books, or the CBT material.

Am I just missing something?



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