ONT tomorrow! (PASSED!)

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Tomorrow is D-day, at noon EST. I'm ready for it to come and go. I took my CCNA in 2006, and my BSCI a few months later, and have slowly been working towards the CCNP since. After I found out my wife was pregnant with twins...it was game on- no more time sitting around! My goal over the next year is to attain all of the certs I have been planning on getting..simultaneously while working on my degree more. So, that being said, I need this ONT pass in order to call myself a CCNP, and move on to something new.

If I pass, I plan on taking the CCDA later this month after hitting the book hard. I feel pretty confident now, tonight I'm just re-reading some of the ONT exam cert guide, and messing around in dynamips. I plan on waking up tomorrow, getting a nice breakfast, going on a run, and basically just hanging out. I'll surely flip through the wireless section before the test, as that's my weakest section right now.

I really can't express how much I hope for a pass tomorrow. I've had an extreme thirst for knowledge lately, and feel like I need to close the CCNP for good, and learn something else.

Anyway, wish me luck all..I'm going to get back to reading for a while. It'll be a late night. Thankfully I scheduled the test for noon, so I can sleep in..


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    Best of luck to you, I am sure you will knock it out of the park.
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    howd you do?
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    The exam is tomorrow, Jan 6th, at noon (EST)...I'm reviewing my notes now! With the news of the CCNP exams being updated, I'm kind of thankful I'm taking it all now.
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    Wish you the best of luck mate. Hope you nail it.
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    Good Luck!! icon_thumright.gif
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    best of luck, i look forward to an "i passed" post
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    I don't wish people luck, because I don't believe these exams are luck based. You're either ready or you're not.

    That being said, ONT ain't hard, so I expect you'll pash without much trouble. And rather than good luck, I'll instead say vaya con dios!
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    About time you knocked that last one out icon_wink.gif Good luck!
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    About time you knocked that last one out icon_wink.gif Good luck!

    *Someone* had to go there :) ..you're right though. I'm ready to get it over with, I've been reviewing this morning and now it's time to hang out and relax.
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    You're probably sitting it right now lol, good luck bro.
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    Pass! On the road back home
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    Knew you would, congrats CCNP!
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    Congratulations on the pass icon_cheers.gif and the CCNP!! icon_cheers.gif

    You know the drill (when you get home) drunken_smilie.gif
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    Phew! Just got home. Wow, first of all, I must say..I vastly underestimated this exam. It is worth noting that out of all the CCNP topics, QoS is the one I have the least experience in. Thankfully, I had enough to pass, but I definently wouldn't have passed had I not exhaustedly read the ONT exam cert guide along my supplemental materials (QoS exam cert guide by Odom). I scored an 866, but this was the first exam where I truly had no idea how I did by the end. I was leaning towards pass, but some questions threw me off guard a little.

    Wireless was definitely hit pretty good, along with VOIP..thankfully as of late I've done nothing but re-read wireless (mostly), because I knew that was an extreme weak spot for me.

    My advice to anyone preparing for the ONT? Don't underestimate it, read the QoS book by Odom if you don't feel confident. The practical questions (requiring you to actually look at IOS code) I felt were pretty easy..to me, it seemed like their purpose was more to weed out the braindumpers then actually test CCNP level knowledge. That being said, those questions were OK, it was just the wording on some questions that made me question myself more than once.

    Overall, fair exam, good time. Thanks to everyone's kind words..

    Mikej- you'd think, I could get home an relax, right? I said to myself "I got a week till my CCDA book shows up, I'll just work on my college coursework until then". Sure enough, literally on my doorstep when I get home..was my CCDA book from amazon...must be a sign!
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    Grats, man!

    And I feel ya about wanting to jump right into the next exam, which is why I spent a good portion of last year ordering my library, I shouldn't have to wait on another book for the rest of the year.

    Try not to fall asleep during the first couple of chapters of the DESGN book ;)
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    Congrats on the pass!

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    An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made.
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    Congrats on the pass man. I take the BSCI in 18 days, then I'm moving on to ONT, so thank you very much for the recommendations!
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    Mrock4, congrats!
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    Congrats! icon_cheers.gif
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    congrats MRock!
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    Thanks all :)..I've taken a few days off of Cisco to focus on my college work, but now it's back to work. I'll be starting the CCDA material soon. I'm looking forward to it! Best of luck to everyone else who's close....I promise it's all worth the hard work!
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