Job Interview Question

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Good Morning/Afternoon all,
I have a phone interview on Monday with a very desireable job. This would be a huge step up from my current job and would put me in a very good position to prove my skills. The job calls for a Tech Support Specialist, but looks to be more of a Junior Administrator role. Currently I am an administrator for a small business, so the jump down to a Junior in a large environment will actually benefit me.

As to my question, these are the skills they are looking for in the job description: Hardware/Software, LAN/WAN (Wire/Wireless), VPN, Firewalls, Windows Server, Active Directory, SMS.

I am brushing up on my skills on my skills for the interview and I am trying to figure out what they are really going to focus on. Since the interview isn't till Monday, I have plenty of time to brush up on all suggetions.

Thanks in advance


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