70-662 Passed

I took it this afternoon and passed with an 861.

I used the Exchange 2010 Administrator's Pocket Consultant, Exchange 2010 Unleashed (Kindle edition) and my notes here to fill in some gaps. The pocket consultant was the best book for this exam, as the book and the test are both more focused on 'how' you do things and not 'why'. The chapters and exam objectives also line up well which makes it easy to plan your study efforts.

I maxed out the Installation and the High Availability sections. I was evenly strong in the remaining categories with the Transport section being my relative weakness. The exam objectives are evenly weighted across the categories and the exam questions reflected that. If you have a decent background with Exchange - especially if you have passed the 2007 exams - and you focus on the changes you will be in good shape. DAGs, CAS arrays, RBAC, Federated Sharing, and new/updated EMS cmdlets were well-represented.

This test was easy and I rolled through it in less than an hour. Compared to the other 2003 and 2007 exams I have taken, only 237 was easier. The questions were short and direct, so you either knew the answer or you didn't. Not much thought and deduction involved, just quick multiple choice answers. I'm actually kind of disappointed in the difficulty level. I do have a solid background in Exchange and I did study, but I was expecting more of a challenge. A sudden client need resulted in a long day and a couple of late night flights this week and that prevented me from working more on a couple of topics. One more evening of studying and I probably would have pushed my score into the 900s.

The 663 beta wrapped up last month so it may be a couple more months until that exam is released publicly. I have an Exchange 2010 migration project kicking off in a couple of weeks and I look forward to the 663 and completing the upgrade of my EMA to 2010.


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