The Beast is Down!

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Hello all. I check the boards pretty much on a daily basis, so I figured it's time for my first post. I'm pleased that it's an announcement about passing the so-called beast, and earning the MCSA!
I could give you a run down on what I saw, but it would be the same as everyone else: DHCP, DNS, RRAS, Security, Monitoring, etc etc. My first 10 questions or so were VERY easy. Anyone who's done a little network troubleshooting wouldn't have had a problem. It was a nice confidence booster to start it off.

I thought I'd mention my prep method:
I used MS Virtual PC 2007 to setup 4 virtual servers (thanks MS Press book!). Three of the machines had their nic's set to local only, and the fourth had two nic's - one regular, one local only. That last one was my RRAS server. The whole setup was an AD domain with DHCP and DNS. I fully setup and used WSUS to update and monitor every machine - when that first syc tells you how many gigs need to be downloaded, it's time to uncheck some boxes ;) I also configured my regular firewall (SmoothWall Express) to allow incoming connections from my work IP address. It was a great way to setup and actually test some VPN's. Although technically I also tested it using the computer hosting the whole mess.

So, that's that. Hopefully you'll see me around more as I continue on. Off to the celebration!
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    Congratz! Yeah I know it feels good to get that wicked exam out the way, so well done. If you're going the MCSE route, now you gotta take down it's bigger brother 70-293 :p. From some of the posts I've seen, they call 293 "The Monster". Which I'm currently working on. Anyhow, whichever path you take next, good luck :D
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