Need Advice on PKI and PKI research materials

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Our organization has been skirting around implementation of PKI, we are a microsoft shop so it is not a huge deal to follow microsoft best practices and build a internal PKI infrustructure.

As far as advice, we are in the process or multiple projects over the next few years, with the possiblilities of alot of Certificate usage (RMS, NAP, IPsec server isolation, Direct Access, Wired and Wireless 802.1x, networking team wants TLS if possible for Wireless, SCCM with external distribution point, sharepoint extranet for collaboration with other orgs, and i am sure there is more comming...)

I would like to see if anyone has a book, resource, cbt, something indepth on a scalable PKI for internal and external use, and options of different implementations.... I need to have a bit more information than i am finding to backup my thoughts and business analysis on how to build this infrustructure for our organization. Even some resources that show just external or internal choices to be made would help....

I have some time becuase i have tasked the security team to develop the Certificate policy and that will give me guidelines that they see as well as whatever i come up with

Any HELP would be great, i know there are some very intelligent people on these forums... that might be able to give a guy a point in the right direction..



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