How hard is the 702 compared to the 701?

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So I took my 701 last week and scored an 870 outta 900 on it... I feel like I way overprepared. Is the 701 the most difficult test? I'm signing up to take the 702 this week and I know you have to get an 80% compared to the 75% from the 701... does that mean it's an easier test normally? I'm pretty confident i'll pass but i'm just wondering how much I should study this week compared to my cramming for the first test.


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    TechnitoTechnito Member Posts: 152
    Well I took 601 and 602. I didn't feel 602 was exactly harder than 601. It seemed to be a little more in detail, in which I did score a little lower on 602 than 601. So I'd assume it would be the same difference between 701 and 702. I think you should have nothing to worry about, just study at your normal pace and you should be fine. Good luck.
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    MeanDrunkR2D2MeanDrunkR2D2 Member Posts: 899 ■■■■■□□□□□
    I took both the 71 and 702 and found the 702 a bit tougher than the 701.

    Not that you really have anything to worry about as you had a great score for the first test. Just study for the objectives for the 702 and you will be just fine and join the ranks of the A+ certified.

    Also, I really didn't study as hard for the second exam, but still easily passed even though I didn't get quite as good of a score as on the 701.
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    AzretAzret Member Posts: 26 ■□□□□□□□□□
    As I just passed the 702 last week, the 702 was a bit harder due to the nature of the questions they asked. I remember getting a ton of SOHO questions, but these questions are random. Its the wording of the questions that makes you think twice about every answer.
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