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with these mcp exams i usually use 50% of the time, with this one i actually used 75% of the total time, this was the hardest by far. score 820

now i need some advice, i have my 293 booked in 4 weeks time, do you think with daily revision i would be able to pass it? i looked through the content and it seems like it is mainly concepts, is that correct?
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    With such a score on 291, that should definitely give you a big edge when taking 293. I've been working on 293 and there seems to be a lot of overlap from 291 as most have been saying but there's a significant amount of new stuff as well. The advice I've been given was to take 293 right after finishing 291. But I ended up doing 350 (ISA 2004) right after 291. I had initially thought ISA was just about firewalls and nothing more. But in 350, it goes in quite detail of PKI, NLB clusters, VPN's, IPSec and even some DNS. Therefore in my opinion it seems this exam is a prerequisite for taking the 293 exam. I've been working 293 for less than a week now and I'm already feeling strong on most of the objectives. And PKI is not scaring me as much as some others made me feel about it initially.
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    thanks man, since you are a week ahead of me i will probably ask you some question once i get started.

    i want to relax for a couple of days and then pick thing up again before the week end. i just realized my elctricity bill will be over the roof! i have 3 servers and 4 clients running and 3 Cisco routers + 2 Cisco switched!
    Working on CCNP 642-813 and finishing off MCSA.
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