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Excuse me,,,i need some help!!
can someone pleez tell me about A+ brain ****? ive been searching..but without luck! icon_rolleyes.gif [/b]


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    Please keep in mind TechExams.Net is braindump-free, and we do not want to promote braindumps in any way.

    But if you need practice for your A+ exams, you might want to check out http://www.certyourself.com they have listed a lot of free A+ resources.
    And we'll probably add some A+ core questions in the next week, so be sure to come back.

    Good luck!
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    Ok... took me a bit longer than a week... but I added them...
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    icon_confused.gif hi i need hely i am dave i am real confuse i need some help in studding the A+ exam i can be contacted by email [email protected]
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    instead of looking for braindumps, try www.certify.com as they give explanations with their practise questions.
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    **** are bad news.
    A+ Moderator
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    Why would want to look for Brain **** ??? If you are not good enough to spend time and study like everyone else then you shouldnt be certified at all....its people like you look for easy way out and get certified and give the rest of the Techies a bad name.

    If you want to pass start studying hard and we are all here to help you if you dont understand anything.

    Good luck
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    when i started working on my a+, i thought it was so hard. i honestly thought i would end up dropping the idea of going for it.

    after some study, i found it easier to pick things up. i ended up buying two books and one filled in the spaces created by the other.

    the a+ is a pretty straightforward exam. some of the questions are asked straight-out and there are few long-winded questions.

    if u need braindumps to pass a+, you will find any microsoft exams much harder!
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    braindumps are nothing but cheetsheets,which are not going to help you in the real world.
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    The one thing people should always be aware of .... whenever they download something from a **** their IP address is recorded. Once things progress in some of the court cases involving Microsoft it is possible that records may be subpoenad. My undertanding is that MS is more interested in those who posted the info, but you never know.
    I have met MCSE who used **** and know less than your average A+/Net+ student. As an employer I would be able to note things like that easily.
    FIM website of the year 2007
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