What's the IT market like in Canada?

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After the outcome of the election, I'm honestly considering moving when I finish college.


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    I feel you on that one! icon_cry.gif
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    It's amazing that people think it is the President's job to get you a job.
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    I was referring to the fact that the US is on it's way to becoming a police state, ran by religious fanatics. It's obvious in every aspect of our society and even more in the open now with the recent issues and state amendments passed on Tuesday.

    By the way, I have a job.
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    I don’t think I will be moving to Canada, however, I am very disappointed with the outcome of the election. On the whole, I feel that the next four years are going to be long and hard ... I can only hope that the President will get America back on track and heading in the right direction.
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    I'm not trying to be confrontational here, but I just have to respond to this.

    LostInSpace - I think what your referring to is the 11 states that passed the **** marriage bans. It only shows that the majority of the people want marriage defined between a man and a woman. Even the extreme liberal state I live in passed the ban 58-44. These aren't religious fanatics, they are people with original family morals and want this set in stone. I'm not a religious fanatic, and I voted for the ban because of my own moral feelings.

    I also thought your original post (regarding the head topic subject line) was referring to the current job market.

    Moe - Have you seen the recent economic indicators? They are very optimistic, and not only that the national unemployment rate is as low as it was under Bill Clinton. Consumer spending is upand the economy has been growing steadily since the aftermath of 9/11. I don't think it is as bad as the media makes it out to be, simply because the media does not like the President IMO.
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    This is no place for a political debate.

    You're wrong. The majority of people that voted for the ban were christians, and voted so because of their beliefs. The people I spoke with were all voting that way because of their religious beliefs. A few people are exceptions, but most people voted that way due to religious beliefs.
    I don't disagree with anyone believing how they wish, but using those beliefs of the majority and applying them to everyone else is ridiculous.

    Deny it or accept it, you do realize that our country was having the exact same debate when slavery, women's rights, minority rights, were all issues? Just something to think about.

    Anyway, I want out. I want to be able to look at everyone who voted for Bush and say "I told you so."
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    After the outcome of the election, I'm honestly considering moving when I finish college.

    Not that Monster.com is anything to go by, but I do notice alot of jobs posting down south, Florida. I live in Michigan in the Motor city, there's not much going on as far as IT jobs... I see the same old jobs posted week after week with hardly any new jobs put out there... icon_cry.gif
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    I think the exchange rate is higher in Canada plus the taxes. It could be the same sluggish job market in Canada. I disagree even though I have a job interview on Monday, it is still a tough competitive job market out there icon_sad.gif . Its a battle between those who have jobs and security and those who are unemployed or underemployed and my man lost on Tuesday. icon_sad.gificon_evil.gificon_confused.gif

    Unfortunately Ohio lost it for us Kerry supportors and it was stated Ohio lost a lot of jobs during the Bush Administration. Those jobs I see posted on sites like Monster, Careerbuilder or Hotjobs. list some stringent requirements for some networking jobs. Especially things like security clearances which take time to proccess and thorough background checks which I can't apply even though I am a citizen. Most jobs listed are like heavy experience programming or database postitions which I like to go into but takes heavy studying, time and practice ot just get certified compared to the network type certs. I know college graduates having a tougher time getting those college degree requirements jobs.

    Try going south Lost in space. Maybe Arizona, Nevada or Texas. I am not sure about Florida. First I always here Florida pays less than the North but there are no state taxes. Then they had all those hurricanes which some people lost their business and jobs but I heard from a NBC news commentator that the economy is booming there despite that and thats why Florida became a red state for Bush.

    Its hard to say but I think the next Bush administration will spend more money for defense and the war related mess in Iraq and the domestic economic job situation which was very important to me for this election will not prosper compared ot the Clinton years. icon_mad.gificon_confused.gificon_sad.gif
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    I know this really isn’t that place for debates .. But when I made my statement I was not referring just to jobs. I was referring to many other issues, I just made it under a general statement. I feel that the country is not heading in the right directions in regards to education, security, health care and economics. You made the statement the unemployment rate is the same as it was with the Clinton administration, now maybe that is the case if you are referring to Clintons all time low rating, however, after Clintons first term he had created more jobs, more Americans had jobs .. not the same can be said for this President. That’s not my opinion ..those are the facts, facts released by the Census Bureau which is a Government Organization. Reports released by the Bureau within the past few months dating back to the summer show that unemployment rate has not improved and the signs do not look that great. And again .. I was talking more about the job this President has done on the whole. But he has won a second term and there is nothing I can do about that, as I said I just hope he can turn things around and fix some of the problems that have been created under his Administration IMO.
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    Those who have mentioned it, that this is not the place for a political debate, are right, it isn't. That's not because I'm against politics, but simply because these are technical forums where politics don't matter.

    However, I don't mind making an exception for this topic, as I understand the importance of the issue for most of our visitors and it fits in this forum (IT Jobs).

    But please stay on the "jobs" - topic, play nice, and remember that all techies are created equal ;)
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    After the outcome of the election, I'm honestly considering moving when I finish college.

    I live in MI and people here are actually considering it. I'm sure its the same as anywhere else- they have systems & networks & need someone to run it. Move to Windsor and be a tunnel ride from the US. If you move Uncle Sam woun't come knocking.
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    One of the key statistics being touted on NBCs coverage was that of the people who rated the economy as their biggest concern, 80% voted for Kerry. Of those who rated moral values as their top concern, 78% voted for Bush.

    It's pretty clear that their aren't alot of people who want Bush to remain the President because of his skillful handling of the economy.

    Also, don't blame Ohio for re-electing the president, there were about 35 other states that had just as much to do with it.
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    With Bush being elected for another four and Republicans filling most offices, it frightens me even more. Even if the next four years are tough, but we make it through, what happens when one of Bush's close friends (Cheney perhaps?) runs and wins president?

    I've got a couple years left here though, unless I want to finish up my degree in another country. I'll be keeping a close eye on things...
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    Well the new job report came in today with the best performance of adding jobs in the last 6 months. This was above all expectations including wall streets. Keep your heads up, the economy will be roaring again, we have been seeing this trend over the last year.
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    what happens when one of Bush's close friends (Cheney perhaps?) runs and wins president?


    I thought he was already running the show & pulling strings on his pet monkey. Project for a new American Century. icon_scratch.gif
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    He is, which is what scares me when Bush's term is up and Cheney decides he wants his 8 years next.
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    TeKniques wrote:
    It's amazing that people think it is the President's job to get you a job.

    I agree with both of you!

    I don't really like the attitudes, but it's true: Moving to Canada won't help you. There aren't a flood of jobs there either, and citizenship is tough to get (I looked into it because I absolutely LOVE Toronto).

    Canada also has a rule of not giving recent immigrants a job that a citizen is willing to do.

    Jobs will happen here eventually. There is an ebb and flow to things. We enjoyed boom times, and will again.

    If you look long term, you can expect to change jobs now and again in IT through layoffs, attrition, etc. There is no "go and work for one company forever and be treated well".

    just a thought.
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    Here is another opinion.

    Ok, I recently moved FROM Canada TO the US for a job. It wasn't difficult for me as I have dual-citizenship. I have spent have my life in Canada and the other half stateside. Something like 7 out of every 10 people that I meet in Canada in IT are looking to get into the US for work.
    Canada is basically very similar to the US, though more left leaning. If you are into warm and cozy left leaning politics, then you'll like Canada.
    As far as the job market goes, there are tech jobs in Canada. The salaries are down that is for sure. Canada had a problem where the Federal government was sponsoring a lot of these 6+ month college programs for foreign students and immigrants as well as locals. This has caused a glut in the number of people applying for work v. the number of available positions. Also there are a large number of people who have diplomas, certifications and big student loans to pay off. The result is people are accepting lower wages to get their foot in the door.
    Generally, for an American to move to Canada, you would want a University degree and work experience, which is pretty much the same standard that the U.S. expects Canadians to meet.
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    Hmm.. I have been consideirng the opposite. I live in BC, Canada, and was thinking the job market and wages might be better if I Crossed the border to washington.

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