Ip sla

acidsatyracidsatyr Member Posts: 111

what is the purpose of ip sla responder command?
I can configure simple icmp echo probes with

ip sla 1
icmp-echo source-ip
ip sla schedule 1 start now life forever

And ping will work;

I imagine udp-echo has the same logic only works with udp packets to specific port;
So i configure something like:
ip sla 2
udp-echo 67 source-ip
ip sla 2 schedule 2 start now life forever

And on other host i configure ip sla responder (don't know why should I, i just know if its tcp/udp probe i should include that) - but all probes return as failures.
So with that ip sla 2 I am trying to probe port 67 (DHCP/BOOTS).

Why is it not working? And why do i need ip sla responder (or rtr responder on my switches)?

Thank you


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