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I passed my CCNA and started work on BCMSN. Because BCMSN contains lots of stuffs taking from CCNA. Anyway, I follow entries in this forum and some people who took BCMSN say that they encounter some BSCI questions in BCMSN exam.

There is no mention in Cisco's website about it. However some people recommend that BSCI must be the first.

Is that true? Because I've almost finished %70 of my BCMSN studies and planing to take the exam in next month.

is there any questions from BSCI topics in BCMSN exam?


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    BCMSN covers layer3 switching, so yeah, there's a little bit of overlap, but not that much. You won't get BGP or ISIS questions on BCMSN, for example.
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    So you think I should work on OSPF or EIGRP from BSCI book?

    Or do I need some basic Layer 3 routing I had seen in ICND2? Because BCMSN covers inter-vlan routing, no ospf or no eigrp explained within a level.
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    There isn't as much as what people make it out to be. I didn't see anything to do with this on my BCMSN other than layer 3 switching, that is about it. So, don't think there is a bunch of BSCI material on it because there isn't.
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    Anything that has to do with routing that *may* overlap with the BSCI is stuff that you should have learned during your CCNA studies. I would not worry to much about this for your BCMSN studies. Just learn your stuff inside and out! Good luck
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    Just do anything you can to prepare. I noticed on my BCMSN that the CCNP level tests really start to apply the use of applied knowledge. A lot of the material that was on my BCMSN, I learned the theory, but not the exact stuff that would be needed to pass the test. The test really does test you on your knowledge of the subject. What materials are you using to prepare. I'm sure the BSCI does the same, I will find out in 7 days.
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    I started out with BSCI / ISCW / ONT /BCMSN. I did it in this order due to a previous job i had that used a lot of IPSEC tunnels. So I did BSCI to understand my routing and basic BGP then i did ISCW to learn about VPN/IPSEC/Security. If i had to due it over again and without being pressured by a job i would have done it BCMSN / BSCI / ISCW / ONT. BCMSN opens a new flow of study rhythm from the CCNP. BCMSN perfectly flows you into BSCI and the BSCI flow you into ISCW. ONT is saved for last.
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    Like others have said, I would not worry about it. BCMSN study materials should contain enough Layer 3 to cover the exam. All the ones I used did.
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    Yes indeed, I echo the above :)
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