70-291 Creating DNS

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I've been reading the MS Press book for a month or so, and have decided I need to go through the practical excercises.

I'm on chapter 4 - Installing a DNS server

My dummy setup is a single PC (not connected to any networks), which has 2 VMs installed on it (named computer1 and computer2 as per the instructions). computer2 and computer2 can talk to aechother fine at the moment, and I've been able to complete the exercises so far.

However, Im now being asked to Creat a Dial Up Connection. The instruction do say I can skip the step is I already have a "dedicated line).

Obviously the days are long gone where I can do this using modems etc, so Im not quite sure how to proceed.

Would I be ok to do the following;

Plug the physical PC into my LAN, and configure virtual pc Computer1 to use my LANs internet connection (i.e point it to my gateway and dns servers)?

Id really like to know what other people have done.

Many thanks for any help.


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    You'll want your clients to use your servers IP for DNS. You can optionally setup forwarders in Server 2003 and point those at your ISP's DNS servers if you want a little performance boost. It'll work just fine without doing that though. And yes, use the IP of your router for your gateway.
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    Suerly pointing my clients to the DNS server alone isnt enough. What about NAT?
  • dynamikdynamik Banned Posts: 12,312 ■■■■■■■■■□
    Yea, like you were saying, you'll have to connect to your LAN's internet connection and point the gateway towards your router.
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