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icon_confused.gif I am slated to take the 640-607 cisco exam. The closer I get to my exam date the more nervous I get. I need some tips to help me get ready in the final few days just to joggle the stuff I know but can't remember right off hand.


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    i have only done a+ and network+ exams. i have gone into panic-mode a few days before each of them. there has always been soemthing that i believe to be important (in a+ core it was irq, in a+ operating systems it was switches, in network+ it was wan speeds), but i found that anything i was asked about, i was normally able to answer.

    if you don't know it now (a day or so before the exam), it's unlikely you'll learn it. it's likely you booked the exam because you thought you were able to do the exam. it's likely you are.

    go pass it ;)
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    joey... I'm writing this week coming up and yeah I'm nervous too. A buddy of mine wrote today and passed it which does help to relieve me a bit.

    I feel pretty good about the questions part of it at this point... and my aforementioned buddy said the sims he got were a joke compared to the questions so he must have got lucky. I can only hope for the same.

    Good luck.

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