Cool ISSA opportunities coming up! - Greenville, SC

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Yeah! icon_cheers.gif

I am very excited about some opportunities coming up at my ISSA chapter, but first a word of thanks to all the TE members that pointed me in the direction of ISSA (especially JDMurray). I have the opportunity to network, and learn from people with years of experience in the security industry.

First of all there will be a four-hour long Ethical Hacking Workshop on February 27th starting at 10:30AM. Emphasis will be placed on Backtrack4. $25 if you are not an ISSA member (believe it or not they have found if they charge for it people show up icon_wink.gif).

Upstate SC ISSA

Second there is a local ISSA member teaching classes in Cellular Forensics that really caught my attention (remember I am fascinated by anything wireless). I think I have convinced him into giving college student discounts icon_lol.gif


Send a PM my way if you have any questions. I would really like to meet some of you TE members at the Ethical Hacking Workshop :)


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