used microsoft official materal and now worried

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I have already completed my comptia A+ and have used XP since it was launched so I wasnt too worried about taking an xp exam.
Iv been given the official microsoft course material online to work from (apparently i have to use it :P) and sure enough I got through it all in about a day and a half - no worries.

Then I started looking at forums and taking third party practice exams and now im worried - there is apparently a crap load of stuff the course material didnt even mention and I have not come across before (im new to IT and havnt any professional experiance) such as IIS, specific program command parameters, the url of networked printers etc icon_sad.gif

Im assuming I should just get a thrid party book and go from that but why doesnt teh OFFICIAL microsoft material cover everything in the exams??!?!
Even the microsoft practice exam at teh completion of the course doesnt mention alot of this stuff icon_sad.gif


  • bucbuc Member Posts: 8 ■□□□□□□□□□
    MS-Press, CBT'S, Exam Cram and Cengage.
    Two weeks with that material and i passed.
  • Todd BurrellTodd Burrell Member Posts: 280
    Use the MS Press book and do the questions that come on the CD with the book. Those tend to be the most difficult questions and they will prepare you for this exam. Transcended is also good.

    If you have used XP for years you should be fine. Just know all of the Control Panel icons and what they do, know the Language options, know how to do installations each of the different ways and also know Networking and you should be fine.

    I passed Monday and found the test very easy. Just learn the MS Press material and you will do fine.
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