Cisco Licensing!?

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Have you guys come across any info on Cisco’s new licensing models? I noticed the following "stuff" after I couldn’t figure out why I only had like 6 protocol options to match in a class-map on a shiny new 881W router. Looks like feature sets have to be activated now? I loaded the "trial" advipservies and low and behold all of the missing commands were back. I reverted after because an expiration on an IOS can’t be a good thing!

c881W#sh license
Index 1 Feature: advipservices
Period left: 8 weeks 3 days
License Type: Evaluation
License State: Active, In Use
License Priority: Low
Index 2 Feature: advsecurity
Period left: Life time
License Type: Permanent
License State: Active, Not in Use
License Priority: Medium

c881W(config)#license ?
agent Configure LIC_AGENT
boot license boot config commands
call-home license call-home config commands

c881W(config)#license boot ?
module which module to boot

c881W(config)#license boot mod
c881W(config)#license boot module ?
c880-data license boot module

c881W(config)#license boot module c880
c881W(config)#license boot module c880-data ?
level which level to boot

c881W(config)#license boot module c880-data lev
c881W(config)#license boot module c880-data level ?
advipservices advipservices level
advsecurity advsecurity level


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