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Hi Guys,

I took my 270/290 a few months back, but have been spending a lot of time on cisco certification since. I now need to get on with my MCSA again, and the next in line is the 70-291.

I decided to set myself a bit of pressure (only way I ever get anything done) and yesterday I booked the exam for the 2nd Feb.

Can I get opinions (or fact) on the biggest sections to tackle (possibly weighting them) so that I can weight my time accordingly over the next few days.

I have purchased the CBT Nuggetts and will be watching these, but if anybody has any links to other web resources this would be appreciated.



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    From what I've seen on here, DNS is generally the #1 topic.

    When I took it (2 years ago), WSUS and RRAS were on there heavily, as well. IPSec had a decent amount of material, and DHCP and IP subnetting made up most of the rest.
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    Thats what I figured from some of the other posts on here.

    I think DNS is going to be the biggest area for me, I might have to knock up an extra pc a bit quick and put a server build on it, maybe then run a couple of VMs on it. Then I can practice the DNS configs.

    I figure I will then look into the security aspects and IPSEC, then Wsus/RRAS.

    Thankfully DHCP doesnt seem too vast, I noticed a few people have mentioned memorising DORA and the 80/20 rule which I am familiar with from CCNA, along with Subnetting etc

    Still a challenge, so if anybody has any handy links/tips/tricks or any example labs they can think of setting me as a test then this would be appreciated.
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    Are you going to make your DNS be on a different server? As in my lab its all on the one box. Thinking about making a new machine and network the two together and fail it over. Just an idea I had. If anyone has done this it would be good to get their feedback.
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