Virtual box configuration question.

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Guys and girls,

When using virtual box, should one run server2003 as the OS on the actual physical machine, then set up clients inside virtual box?


Shoud server 2003, set up as a DC(with DNS and DHCP) exist inside VB and then connect to clients also installed in VB??

I am set up as in the first option, and its giving me headaches. Just occured to me this may not be the correct way to do it.


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    Totally up to you. I personally run my normal client workstation as the host and put all the machines I want in my test lab as VMs.
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    ah ok. Im having problems, so I was kind of hoping someone would say, you got it all wrong set the whole shebang up in VB haha!

    hmm, ,maybe Ill go to Win7 so I can use all of the 4gb of RAM.
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    Just go x64. You can do that with XP, Vista, or 7*.

    *or Linux, Server 2003, Server 2008, etc. ;)
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    Plus you can use the internal network setting for network separation with multiple virtual nics to set up some interesting internet access configurations.
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