What Cert should I go after next?

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I am a Desktop Support Technician with 4 years of experience. I am A+ and Network+ certified. I'm thinking of moving away from CompTIA's certs since you now have to renew them every 3 years, and for a CompTIA certs I don't think that is worth the effort or money since they are consider entry level certs. I'm thinking of going after MS MCTS Windows 7 configuring 70-680 exam. Is that a good idea or should I be going after a different MS certification first?



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    That's a very good cert to go after. But what you should keep in mind is that certification really only has a professional value if it is mapped to some sort of career goal. If MCTS on Windows 7 will not help you either in your current position nor in a future position you would like to attain, then the only reason to take it is a personal one.

    So before you start going after certs you should figure out where you are and what you want to achieve through certification. For example, if your company were looking to roll out an upgrade to Win 7 then both the MCITP EDA7 and EDST7 would be good choices to place you in a lead position in that project.
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    My goal right now is to make my Resume more attractive for a desktop support possition,since I was layoff due to reduction in workforce. With that in mind should I still go after MS Windows 7 MCST instead of going after Windows XP or Vista?
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