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been studying for net plus for some time now and have used various test engines to assist (preplogic ,study hall,cramaster) however i have noticed the qustions seem to range from easy to out and out difficult,incorperating some subject matter that i have not even seen in any net + text book!!! all this seems to achieve ,is to knock my confidence ,and make me keep putting the actual test off ...i have however been scoring well on the practice tests but would gladly appreciate any feedback frm those who have actually sat the exam icon_cry.gificon_cry.gif


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    I found it very easy. Know your commonly used ports and understand what devices work on which layer of the OSI model. The three classes of subnets is useful as well. If you've scored well on the practice exam here you should be in good shape.

    Review the exam objectives to be sure your practice q's are drawing from that pool of information. Some practice exams I've seen aren't worth much for studying.
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    General rule is if you score at least 90% on practice exams, you should be ready to pass a test. However, you can only take them once or twice. After that, you have them memorized.

    The Techexam practice exams are very close to the same level as the real thing. If you haven't done those, try them out. Also, some Technotes here for another source of study.

    Best of luck!
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