NetFlow Question

N3tWrkNutN3tWrkNut Member Posts: 30 ■■□□□□□□□□
Okay, I am kinda new to netflow so I was wondering if someone could help. I am getting data to my netflow server from some vlans but not others. Here is my config:

ip flow ingress layer2-switched vlan 1,32-33,41,48,56,64-65,90-93,95-96,98
mls aging long 64
mls aging normal 32
mls netflow interface
mls flow ip interface-full
mls nde sender version 5
mls cef error action reset
ip flow-export source Vlan1
ip flow-export version 5
ip flow-export destination 2055

Anyone see anything wrong. i can see data from some of the vlans but not all and am totally stumped!

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