Dual Monitor Issue

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So I have to setup dual monitors on a computer and have ran into an issue. I installed the card, checked the settings in the BIOS, and doesn't matter what I do the computer boots and both screens go black. One shows its active, but just black. If I disable the installed card in safe mode, no problems boots up as normal. Any ideas?
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    What pc is it, dell's are really flakey for that kind of thing!
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    Have you gone to the display settings to make sure that the other monitor is enabled? I know Nvidia has some sort of proprietary software that may have to be enabled.

    You may need to disable the onboard video card, as well.
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    What is it. For normally you need to first right click on the desktop and go to properties ->settings and make sure you have one monitor set as the primary. There should be a little check box right under the resolution slider. click identify and a big white 1 should pop on the screen. Then you can hook up the second one you should not even have to reboot at all.

    Unless as has already been mentioned you have video on the motherboard and that may need the setting for what controller to use on boot fiddled with. Running a 23 landscape and a 24 portrait as I write this. Wife is running twin 21's in extended desktop landscape. It should be easy unless hardware or drivers are in play but generally no rebooting required
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