Passed Security+ today!

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875! Now the hard question is: what next?



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    Empathy wrote: »
    875! Now the hard question is: what next?


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    Congratulations. Great score!

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    Congrats for passing! that is a very good score.

    What next? Why not CCNA:Security? You're on a natural path right now. But, that's what I would do if in your shoes. Everyone needs to follow the most necessary path for their own interests/job.
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    I suggest the CCNA: Security for whats next.
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    What items did you use to study? Any advice on things to make sure you study that may of surprised you on the exam?
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    Thanks everybody!

    I used the Sybex book for my initial study, then followed it up with the Preplogic Security+ Examcram Guide, then I just hammered away at every free web-based practice exam I could find until I was consistently scoring 90% or better.

    There wasn't really any topic that I felt came out of left field on the test, kasiechaos.

    Yeah, I know the CCNA: Security seems like a logical progression: but as it is, I've been out of work for almost a year now, and I've been dying to get some hands-on experience administering a network, with no luck yet. I'm just not seeing any jobs out there for Junior Network Admins, which is what I'd love to do (in the short term at least). My worry about the CCNA: Security is that if I never get an opportunity to get any hands-on experience with Cisco network administration, it will be somewhat of a wasted effort.

    In the long term, I'd love to eventually be a InfoSec Analyst of some flavor, but along the way, I'd love to get some hands-on experience of any kind. Pen testing fascinates me, so I was thinking about maybe trying to tackle the CEH. I'd also love some hands-on experience with Firewall administration or NIDS/NIPS configuration/monitoring. I read keatron's excellent advice ( on his recommended certification path to CISSP, and he recommends MCSA: Security next, but I'm less interested in MS OS-specific stuff, personally. I've been trying to learn some really solid UNIX skills as well in my "downtime".
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