Whats the better choice to keep

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For my home lsb should i keep

I have to get rid of some equipment to Finnish buying the newer equipment for CCIE lab.

so far i have

3 - 3745
4 - 2651xm
1 - 2621xm
1 - 1841
2 - 3560
1 - 3550

extra equipment, i want use some and sell the rest.

6 - 2621 currently setup as 4 port frame relay.
1 - 2610
4 - 3640
3 - 3660
4 - twin Fast Ethernet cards
4 - 8 port serial cards
3 - 4 port serial cards
20 - single port serial cards

The choice i have is 3640s for frame relay box's or 2621s.

3640 more modular older IOS (maybe 3 as frame relay with FA cards)

2621 newer IOS less modular ( maybe 3 as backbone with serial in each)

any help would be much appreciated, i think i have just been staring at them to long to see what way to go.



  • mikej412mikej412 Member Posts: 10,086 ■■■■■■■■■■
    Keep the 3640s and use them for MPLS practice and troubleshooting, your frame relay switch, and as backbone routers.

    Keep what ever extra interfaces you think you might find useful. I've got only one NM-8A/S in a 3620 as my Frame Relay switch, and a 2522 I use with my "extra equipment" for technology labs. But I have an "extra" NM-4A/S in all my 3640s, even the ones with the NM-2FE2W and 2 WIC-1Ts.
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