Static Route Share Drive Issue

hustlin_moe20hustlin_moe20 Member Posts: 225
Ok ladies/gentlemen, I have a problem with our local network here in Afghan. This may seem basic to you guys but not to me, being a 2 year IT guy straight from the Army Artillery ranks.

We have a basic Hughes Satellite internet setup. Satellite to modem, to switch, to server, to users. We use this setup to MAC filter users and for bandwidth allocation. We have a share drive setup that users can browse and connect to by hostname. The share is called pinky. All users can connect to the pinky share when plugged directly into the switch. When users add a personal router between their pc and the switch, they can't connect or even ping the share. I'm assuming this is a routing issue. The routers firewall has been turned off. Router model Linksys/Cisco WRT 610n. We have a DHCP scope on the server that issues client IP addresses. Scope: network subnet mask gateway router reservation from DHCP This information was input into the router and then users connected to it and can browse the internet fine but cant see the share at all. The router is issuing IPs internally to these clients with the following, network, gateway, subnet, and 100-149 user range. What must be changed to allow users to use the router, browse the internet, and share without disconnecting the router? I tried a static route and the router said it was invalid. Can someone help me with the static route issue, IF thats the issue?
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