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I am planning to take the CCNA (Single test) exam in about 2 weeks. Any final study advice? I have read the Cisco CCNA study books, the Sybex book (with the router sim) and the Exam Cram book. Now I plan to take a lot of practice exams, and work on the sims. Anything special I should study, look out for, etc?

Thanks in advance.

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  • mwgoodmwgood Member Posts: 293
    Best I can say is know the material inside and out. Iron out any weak spots that might remain. Make sure that you are operating from comprehension rather than memorization.

    When you take the exam - pace yourself making sure you nail all the sims, but don't read too much into them as they are usually pretty straightforward. Don't forget to type "copy run start" after successfully completing a simulation config.

    It also helps to be somewhat familiar with the testing engine prior to taking the exam. That helps to prevent distracting surprises.
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    The exam contains questions like "choose all that apply" ? I think not, please correct me if i am wrong.
    If a question requires more than one answer and you enter only one does the exam engine warns you that "2 answers are required" ?
    About the sims...
    When they say create an ACL is it possible to have more problems ? e.g clock rate... rip etc?

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