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Q? Do I have to use Boot camp to run Win OS first or I can just install Parallel Desktop, then install the Win OS at the OS X.

I don't really need the Win OS, but certain software that I need must run from Win OS. I just don't want another laptop with Win OS. MacBook Pro is awesome...
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    That's dual booting vs. running simultaneously with virtualization; it totally depends on your needs. I'd dual boot if I was gaming while I'd use virtualization if I just needed MS Office or something like that. VMware also has Mac desktop virtualization software that you might want to look into.
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    After testing both software over a period of time. Parallel Desktop do take up more time to load and memory. Bootcamp is good, but unless is absolutelly need it. My job have both Apple, Novell and MS products. So, I'm doing some more research right now.

    Vitual box is great open source program.
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