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So in an effort to learn RHEL/Centos I have to boxes running now at work. An ubuntu server and a centos server. These are both in a lab so if I mess them up no worries. I'm having a hard time doing some of the things on centos that I can do easily on ubuntu. Are these distributions really that different?

BTW - on centos there is no syslog in /var/logs?! icon_eek.gif


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    syslog in centos comprises of several seperate log files in /var/log. syslog.conf in /etc will show you where. You will probably find that ubuntu is the quirkyer (word!?) linux os than centos and for a true linux learning experience I would recommend that you concerntrate mostly on centos. Ubuntu is built for hand holding which is good to start with but can be a bit confusing when you start playing around with other distro's and things wont work in the same way.
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    BTW - on centos there is no syslog in /var/logs?! icon_eek.gif

    Take a look at /var/log/messages
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