Horrible voice between two IP Communicator phones

Has anyone ever placed a call from one IP Communicator software phone to another on a LAN segment and received a huge delay and lots of crackling?

I don't have physical phones to test if it is my Call Manager Express 4.1. The version of IP Communicator I have is 2.0.2.

The reason I ask is because despite having QoS deployed on the switch and router supplying these two software phones connectivity the voice quality between them is unusable. I am wondering if the downside to a software phone is that the software causes delays and dropped packets.

Yes all the phones and the CME are on an isolated voice vlan and since it is a lab there is no other traffic involved.

1 3550 24 port
2 IP Communicator software Phones
1 2621xm 256mb/48mbflash with CME 4.1
Struggling through the re-certification process after 2 years of no OJT for the CCNP.
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