Taking A+ test soon...need advice!

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I plan on taking my A+ test within 2 weeks. I would like to take the 2006 exam as opposed to 2009, because I've been using CBTnuggets video to prep, and it's 2006 format.

Now, I currently work as a GeekSquad agent at a Best Buy. My hands on experience for the most part is all hardware. Diagnosing bad parts, installing new hardware, installing OS' here and there, etc. Looking over the objectives, after Essentials, I'm not sure which objective to take.

With that kind of basic retail repair experience, what would you suggest I go for? I was probably thinking 604 or 603. If you could please provide your thoughts and reasoning behind it, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks :)


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    Get certified in what you want to do, not what you currently do.

    Do you want to work behind the scenes? Depot.
    Do you want to be great with customers? Remote.
    Do you want to have a little of both? Technician.
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    Yeah, I decided to go with 603.

    Ironically enough, I'm taking 603 @ 11:15am today, and Essentials @ 1:15pm. I'm extremely nervous. I went through a lot of practice questions tonight to brush up on things. Hopefully all goes well tomorrow.

    A job I interviewed for as a entry level help desk tech said that if I get this cert today, I have the job. So, hopefully all goes well :)

    Wish me luck please.
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