OSPF LSA propagation and topology building

trackittrackit Member Posts: 224

Maybe im little jammed right now, but dont understand very clearly how exactly ospf propagates LSA-s (how does LSA die for example so it wount circulate endlessly) and how exactly is area topology built from LSDB.

Every router in opsf area should have topology of the entire area... so for example how can i build a topology of an area by looking at ospf database?

If anyone can point me towards some good source that explains this process in more detail i would appreciate that.


  • trackittrackit Member Posts: 224
    uukei, it makes a little more sense now :) LSA-s are inside LSU which is in turn exchanged between ajacent neighbors and routers act upon it depending if this LSA is new to them or not.

    Also i found out that show ip ospf database doenst really reveal LSDB, but rather only headers.

    on to books again :D
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