Starting my CCNP

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Well, after a long break from no certifications I am going to be starting my CCNP next week. I bought the Cisco Press CCNP series and the Cisco Press flash card set to study with. The company I work for has a huge CCIE lab so I am using it for my lab. I also have a guy in the company who taught CCNP that is going to answer any questions for me and break the lab for me to fix and test me before I take the actual test.

I am going to try to take 1 test per month studying 5-7 hours a day 5 days a week. Hopefully I can stock to that schedule.


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    Wow, sounds like you got it in gear. Good Luck!
    Ps - Is this your new job?
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    Good Luck!!!
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  • halflife78halflife78 Member Posts: 122
    No, it's been a rollercoaster of a ride the last 4 months. I found out I was getting laid off 4 days after I bought a new car. I went into money save mode after that. 1 month later I find out we aren't getting laid off, we got more business. So after recovering from that my wife leaves me, so now I am finalizing the divorce and living at home. My dad wanted me to stay at home long enough to finish my CCNP so I am kicking it into high gear to try and finish it because I feel guilty about ending up back at home.

    So I have my job and security again so that's good, I am just extremely hyped up right now to start on this CCNP. Hopefully I do good on it.
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    I did the CCNP in about a month and a half. I studied for the BSCI for about two weeks then decided I was ready. I read about 3-5 hours a day. I read the exam study guides and the practical study guides and did a ton of labs. Some days I would spend about 6-7 hours doing and redoing labs and adding my own network designs in to further lock in the topics.

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    Any pointers on the BCMSN? I'm going to take it this Thursday and I've heard that most of the test is on VTP and STP. The thing I'm worried about is that there is stuff on qos and VoIP. Haven't worked much with either.

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