70-290 Passed

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icon_cheers.gifWell took the 290 today and passed on first go, got a low enough pass but pass is a pass (and at least i know where to brush up on).

Questions were mainly terminal services and IIS with the odd printer and hdd config thrown in, counted 2 permission questions in (didnt get any wsus or performance).

Labs involved were for backup and 1 for permissions, oh 1 for AD moving users (no cmd line questions for dsmod, ldifde csvde etc)

Study materials
MS Press Book
MS Readiness Review Questions
CBT Nuggets

Good luck for anyone taking this, glad to get it behind now after a few months study,

Ready for the 70-291 studies to begin (glad the 2nd shots back for this, never user the 2nd shot yet but 1st time for everything!!!)

hopefully get the 291 by June/July and complete my MCSA


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    davidspirovalentinedavidspirovalentine Member Posts: 353 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Nice work! Let me be the first to say... Congrats on the pass!!!

    Cool... 290 down and off to hunt the beast avatar style... good luck, you might need it. I heard they don't call it the beast for nothing....

    All i can suggest is know networking with Microsoft like a CCNP knows networking with Cisco gear... DHCP, DNS (this is a real killer in the 291 I've been told), RRAS and all other MS networking and you will slaughter the beast... And in a few months... we feast!!!

    Failure is a stepping stone to success...
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