Any thoughts on ******** Q&A?

fonestar1978fonestar1978 Banned Posts: 55 ■■□□□□□□□□
I have just purchased the ******** 70-270 Q&A package. I am wondering if anyone has experience with it or has used it for taking the 70-270 exam?

I am currently working on Security+ which my company is paying me to write on February 26th. My resume is kind of lame looking with all these CompTIA certs and the CCENT which is why I chose to go for the 70-270 which would make me an MCP. I only have experience with XP Professional though as an end user. I am planning on scheduling the exam for a month after my Security+ so at the end of March. Do you think this will be enough time considering I can study like hell, have worked with XP for several years and have been a tech for a few years? Any thoughts?

Also if I pass, I already have the CompTIA A+ and Network+ so what more do I need to become a MCSA? The 70-290 Microsoft Server 2003 exam?


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