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Hi sirs

I'd like to advice me about material to use for preparing vmware infrastructure 3.

thx in advance for your help



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    The best material would be the course manual. Since it's mandatory that you take a course, anything else is really secondary sources.
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    The course itself will not be enough to get you passed the exam, the one I attended was good not but enough (it was only good because we had the trainers top vmware expert sat at the back correcting the trainers mistakes). The Mastering Virtual Infrasture Scott Lowe is the accepted study method (same as the Mike Meyers books are for comptia).

    But I know that the vcp-310 exam has either already been binned or will stop being offered in the very near future. You may as well do vsphere instead, and just keep the vcp 3 books as handy reference materials.
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    The best way to prepare is to

    1. Grab a trial (60 days) of ESX and Virtual Center
    2. Use VMWare Workstation 7.x which allows installing ESX inside a virtual machine
    3. Read through the official PDF Dokumentation
    4. Install / Break as many cluster as possible :)

    and I agree with dales, if you just start to study anyway then concentrate on ESX4 (vSphere) instead
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