70-294 or 70-620?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm not a frequent poster on this site but I have dropped by a few times to read some of the posts and I appreciate all the tips given. I've been studying for the 70-293 exam (just passed today with a barely passing score of 770) and I'm debating whether to take the 70-294 or 70-620 exam next. I have never really used Vista and I thought if I take this exam it would force me to learn it (my laptop included Vista and XP) and I could earn a MCSA/MCTS at the same time (I think). Also I am starting to see more job listings that mention Vista or Windows 7. I already have the Testout study material for both exams.

Would it be unwise to not take the 70-294 right after the 70-293? Also, would knowledge of Vista help to know how to use Windows 7?


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    the 294 is a different beast than the 620, which is quite easy. Do you already have the 290 and 291 done? If so, then doing the 620 will count as the client exam for the MCSA. You will need some electives such as A+ or Net+ for the MCSA.
    I personally would do the 294 next as you are in the "server mode" of learning.

    Good Luck!
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    I actually completed the 70-210 (Windows 2K) exam awhile back, so I'm using that for a client exam. So far the others are 70-290, 70-291 and 70-293, so I thought I might take the 70-620 for the MCSA certification, but if studying for the 70-293 would help with the 70-294 then maybe I should take that next.

    Thanks for the information!
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