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Just watched a quick segment of 60 minutes (Nov 10- 8pm)where they talked about on line degrees...the scam one was hamilton U and richardson (bahamas)...although they claim to have accreditation, (both run by the same person--just switched locations) fed. computer tech. with fifteen + years, got taken for a ride to ph.d land! icon_sad.gif ....just's getting harder and harder to see who is legit on line and who isn't...unless (in my eyes) you know where the campus is and can talk to actual people...that does not take away from the legit on-line degrees, just saying to the younger folks out there..."if it sounds to good to be true....and will cost you a lot of 'change' it probably is too good to be true."
Someone asked me when will my studying be over......


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    Personally, I have only heard of ITT Tech, Phoenix Online, and DeVry. I'm not too sure how that online education stuff works. I mean, how can you really learn the stuff? It all seems far fetched to me especially for the money it costs icon_confused.gif
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    A simple rule of thumb is to do your research. It sucks for these folks, but you'd have to be pretty stupid to just blindly sign your money away to some random "online university" just because they say they're accredited. It's amazing how easy it is to research a particular online university by simply using google.

    And also, just because a school says they're accredited doesn't mean that their credits transfer to a traditional school. I think ITT Tech and other schools of that ilk are "accredited" by some agency, but good luck trying to get those credits to transfer to your local state college.

    I'd also avoid the "for-profit" online schools as well (ITT, DeVry, UoP, etc.), but that's just me....
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    I have seen on-line schools that offer, outright buying your degree. You put in your current experience and education. Then they offer you a BS, Masters, or Doctorate based on what you provided them. A BS degree was about $600. What is the world comming to. Also, another thing to think about, how many employers actually check to see if you do have a degree? Just a thought.
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