LPIC Alumni Eligible To Receive Novell CLA Certification

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For those of you who already have their LPIC-1 certification and have not receive the following email:

LPI is pleased to announce that holders of LPIC certifications are now
eligible to apply for and receive the Novell Certified Linux Administrator
(CLA) certification at no additional cost or exams.

This initiative is the result of a new partnership agreement between
Novell and LPI. Under this program those Linux professionals who have
earned their LPIC-1 status will also have satisfied the requirements for
the Novell Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) certification. To further
support this initiative Novell Training Services has formally agreed
to include the required LPIC-1 learning objectives in its CLA course
training material.

To apply for your Novell CLA, go to:

Novell Certified Linux Administrator Certification Registration

and fill out the required fields. You will need to provide your LPI ID,
verification code, name and contact information (NAME, MAILING ADDRESS,
PHONE NUMBER, and EMAIL). All LPI alumni are able to validate their
LPIC status at:


by providing their LPI ID and verification code.

For further information on this program please contact your local
affiliate at:


or see:

LPI and NOVELL partnership / Certification / Home - LPI -
WIP: Considering cert path.. :-)


  • seuss_ssuesseuss_ssues Member Posts: 629
    rhermans wrote: »
    For those of you who already have their LPIC-1 certification and have not receive the following email:

    Wow! rhermans, your post received about the same reaction that my post did.

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    Wow! Does that work both ways? My CLA is actually some kind of auto-upgrade from the CLP, so I might be exempt anyway due to the age of the cert.
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    Hehe, sorry about that.. Did a search before posting, but I didn't find it.. :)
    WIP: Considering cert path.. :-)
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    rhermans wrote: »
    Hehe, sorry about that.. Did a search before posting, but I didn't find it.. :)

    Dont discount Novell, many shops prefer it and have done for years. For those looking to work as consultants there is more to life than MS. Try not just something new, but something old as well..it can add perspective! For those MS people who find themselves in Novell land, get scared, but overcome your fear by learning it well. You find a lot of NDS integration in Novell land as opposed to MS and AD. Novell have been doing it longer and a really good Novell admin can teach you a few things.
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    Some shops are running Novell products very successfully!!!!

    I've had some servers stay running with no reboots for 2 years!!!!!

    Can't say that about MS.

    I actually support both, but most of my support involves Novell products.
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