10 SSL install but only 6 SSL connections on ASA 5505

e24ohme24ohm Member Posts: 151
I understand this is not a help forum; however, I do not know where else to turn. All of you have helped me in the past with my CCNA questions, but I am having an issue with an Cisco ASA 5505.

I applied the 10 SSL license and everything is good. I can get 6 users to log on via SSL; however, when the 7th user tries they get the following error "Login failed".

I have applied 3 IP pools, each with blocks of 5 IP addresses - so more then enough IP address are available. I have 8 IPSEC connections, 2 site-to-site, and only 6 SSL connections will establish, despite having 10 SSL license.

Has anyone seen this issue or know what the issue is?



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