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I have a job interview on Monday for a NOC Technician position. Prior to that, I had to pass the phone interview (cake) and fill out a cute little 18 question pre-screening questionaire. To give you guys an idea of what kinds of questions employers may ask you, I'm posting that questionaire here.


1. What typically is the line encoding on a DS1 or T1?
2. What typically is the framing on a DS1 or T1?
3. How Many Channels on a T1?
4. In bytes what is the size of a channel on a T1?
5. In Frame relay what is used to identify PVC?
6. In ATM what does PCR stand for?

Cisco Routers:
7. What is the command to check the status of a fast Ethernet interface of a Cisco router?
8. When Logging into a Cisco router on the console what will you see?
9. What is the Command to look at the configuration file saved in memory?
10. What is the command to change the hostname in a Cisco router?

Windows Networking:
11. What is the purpose of a PDC?
12. Can a PDC be easily renamed? BDC?
13. What service must be installed to make a server a web server?
14. What are the primary benefits of NTFS over FAT?

General Networking:
15. What network devices are located at layer 3 of the OSI model?
16. What is the command to login to a router remotely?
17. What command is used to se a list of each router a packet must travel though to get to its final destination?
18. What is the difference between full and half duplex?
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