A+ Help

skynyrdskynyrd Member Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□
I am taking my A+ Core Hardware test on the 23erd. of this month. I have taken some practice test at a couple of sites, but would like to know if anyone knows of some good sites that have good free test. It sems like everyone out there wants money for thier practice exams. I guess if I can't find some good free ones, I'll have to pay. I have been to 780tech and a couple others. Can anyone suggest some good sites to hepl me cram, and any sites that have good stuff to prepare for test. I have Mike Myers A+, and it has been a big help, but I want some advice from people who are in the business. I would appreciate any and all help I can get. Any suggestions or advice is welcome. Thanks so much. BD in Jacksonville, Florida


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