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I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to share this gem from the GroupStudy forum about a gentleman who is going to do his CCIE in 30 days, 45 days tops! I think he's definitely got it in the bag! Enjoy :D

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Hi Group,

I just complete my MCSE+I and now I have need for CCIE. I have joined group because I must have CCIE in 30 days, maybe I can wait for 45 days, but no longer. I want to finish before May starts, for I have futbol league to play in then. If I get the CCIE in 30 days, then maybe I try for a second in the next 15 days. I need to get CCIE so I can make a bigger money. I hear this is a good group for to join.

The MCSE have many more tests so I think CCIE may not be as difficult as I hear. One day I pass two exams, one right after another for the MCSE. This is also "Expert" level certification, just like CCIE. Some people may not know this, but a Windows server can be setup like a router. I have done this many times. I have very high IQ and can study sometimes 2 - 4 hours without a break.

I see a question about a subnet mask. Is it necessary to know the subnets other than a I have set these networks up many times, and am almost an expert with them. One time there were 4 of these networks all working through a windows box, and I did this in less than 2 hours, and this include time it take to reboot servers.

I have bought a router on ebay for to help study with. I want to use web browser for to configure this router, but I cannot seem to get it to come up.

I use the telnet program (From a Windows Server icon_smile.gif to log into this router but all there is a command line. It look almost like an old DOS program. I hope Cisco does not still emulate DOS when Windows has been around many years. This could a big mistake for them.

If anyone need help on setting routers, let me know. I will be willing to help. Also, it seems Cisco allow test taker to look at website during CCIE exam. In the MCSE program there is no help available. You must not look at any material while taking exam. I think it should be fun to have a book open exam.

Do you think I should get a Voice CCIE, or a Security CCIE for the second CCIE I get. I am not familiar with the differences between them? I did recently set up Security for Microsoft Vista, so maybe Security should be the way to go.

Also I want to say to Darby. You seem like a nice man (i hope you are man, not woman. if so i apologize). You should try for to relax a little more and take care of your health. If you can't get CCIE this week, you will be able to get it next week. I know sometimes you get in a hurry, but your health is more important than passing exam this week. Just make up study on the weekend and take exam the following week. You should trust yourself more and not spend so much money on instructions. Do you have relationship with your instructor? You seem very close.

One more question. What does HTH mean?




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    I think this guy needs to go and have a word with himself.
    maybe he is Johnny5 and can read an entire dictionary and can digest all the info in 30 seconds flat.

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    Oh God, you know your a real geek when you chuckle at

    "I see a question about a subnet mask. Is it necessary to know the subnets other than a I have set these networks up many times, and am almost an expert with them. "

    A collage asked what was so funny, I to embrassed to tell them.. Thats the kind of think my wife takes the micky about....

    Great post though :)
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    I most enjoy the paragraph on 'Darby'. I am concern about his health also.
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    Crazy stuff here, i wish the person behind the original post best of luck in his quest.
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    For his next trick he'll be a sextuple CCIE by the end of 2010 lol
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    Wow. The person must be taking the piss. Even if you're going to **** and **** you'd need more time!
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    haha, that was great.

    Im just hoping he posts his progress after the 45 days! if so, youve gotta post it man! haha
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    The funniest thing is " Do you have relationship with your instructor?"

    Oh and please post the progress after 45 days, if there is one.

    I wish CCIE was that easy, I think everybody would just skip all the Cisco certs and go for CCIE.
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    tiersten wrote: »
    Wow. The person must be taking the piss.
    I got all the way to the part about Cisco emulating DOS till I figured out the OP can't be serious... icon_redface.gif I hope. Old post though, by now he probably adjusted his ambitions slightly.
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    LOL! Methinks someone was a trolling!
    I'd like to make a bigger money too, but there's no way I could study for a whole two hours at a time. :)
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    I seem to remember seeing this same post on here before... I think it's pretty old.
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    Hey, I'm an expert on subnets, too! It's soooo easy, you just press the '2' key on your keyboard once, the '5' key twice in a row, then the '.' key, then repeat the whole process two more times. But the real trick is knowing that you only type '255.' 3 times and then have to press the '0' key once!!!!

    If you can do that, you've got it made, the CCIE is cake after that. I'll have it done in about two days once i get this Cisco SDM thingy to work. It has all these cool pictures and with the open book exam i can just google the answers and then i'll be on my way to more bigger monies!!!! Jeff Doyle ain't got nothing on my skillz, boyeee!
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    leefdaddy wrote: »
    I seem to remember seeing this same post on here before... I think it's pretty old.
  • Ryan82Ryan82 Member Posts: 428
    I hadn't even noticed that it was from 2007 initially. Authentic or not I found it to be humorous. I guess it's believable because these types of people are out there. The types of guys who score a 1000 on the BSCI/BCMSN composite exam yet couldn't tell you how arp works.
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    He was obviously rippin the piss.
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    Yeah, I spent too many years reading WoW message boards. Obvious ***** is obvious hehe
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    An oldie but a goodie icon_lol.gif
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    Ryan82 wrote: »

    I just complete my MCSE+I and now I have need for CCIE. I have joined group because I must have CCIE in 30 days, maybe I can wait for 45 days, but no longer.

    The hell, somebody thought that before me, lol

    Now being serious, if this is true, this is an example of why some people (employers) don't care about certifications, not even high level ones (CCIE).

    Besides that, i couldn't stop laughing, lol
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    I know the individual who posted this. He is the author of a number of humorous posts on groupstudy... he is a triple CCIE.
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