Just passed 220-701

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Just passed the essentials with an 825. I was kind of nervous since I took the 601 last November and failed (went in cocky and barely studied). Then read through the Comptia 601 study guide and the 701-02 Exam Cram and actually learned a few things along the way. Imagine that!

Onward to the 702!


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    Congrats!! I just finished my A+ 601 and 602... Keep on studying! :)
    A+, 70-270, and working on 70-290 now. Certs are good.
    Claymoore wrote:
    If you're unzipping your fly to show off your A+, N+ and Sec+, I'm going to ask if it's cold in here.
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    Hi, I'm taking the 2009 exam in two weeks. I have so far exhausted the Comptia Essentials book and practice tests. Any other pointers? Also is the new exam heavy on legacy technology like older processors and stuff?

    Really appreciate some direction here. Thanks in advance.
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    Honestly, reading the Comptia Exam Cram 220-701,702 front to back really helped me out. The book kept my attention even through the mundane stuff as the author wrote the book while he was assembling his own computer (didn't just bog down the reader with definition after definition). Plus the book was only around 500 pages, so I was able to read it in about a week or so.

    As far as legacy stuff, I did not get much on my exam. I did download a free practice test from PrepLogic and took that. If you can get into the high nineties on that, you should be ok. Just don't memorize the answers. If you get a question (even an "oh yea" question) wrong, make sure you look it up and understand why.

    Just my 3 cents..
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    I really appreciate that currently I'm using the 51Se1aB47qL._SY100_.jpg CompTIA A+ Complete Study Guide: Exams 220-701 (Essentials) and 220-702 (Practical Application)

    It is pretty straight forward and seems to address the major hurdles, just didn't want to be 'tunnel visioned' into consulting just one resource.

    Well hopefully in two weeks I'll be certified and I'll have you guys in part to thank.

    See you at the top!
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    Now A+ certified!

    Just passed 702 yesterday with a 780. I gotta say, the first five questions made me wonder if I was going to pass, but the score reflected differently.

    Got a lot on file structures, ie where are user profiles kept in vista vs XP, etc and as another poster said, remember as many commands as possible.

    Thanks to everyone with the informative posts!

    On to Security+...
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    Congratulations dude! I will be in your shoes in a weeks time! ASHMG!
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    OK so I passed the 701 and I'm onto the 702, I feel I over-studied but the important thing is I passed. Now my question is that I know that CISSP is more powerful in the job market than the Security + but how much more difficult is it? Does anybody know?
    Thanks for all the support and encouragement.
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    Just aced the 702! Woo-hoo! I know its a small thing in the eyes of the big-shots but for me as a first step, its well worth celebrating. On to the Server+! Thanks a bunch for all the pointers, such communities make the web worth soo much more! You guys rock!
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    I passed both tests back in February. The 701 was very easy, I scored a 860 on it. It had general questions on especially about Vista. The 702 was harder and I thought I was doing bad on it until I got the score of 850. For the 702 one suggestion is to know your proper troubleshooting steps. Hope this helps.
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    Well Yesterday I passed the A Plus Essentials with a 740 and today I passed the Practical with a 790. I really did think the Practical was harder. There was a ton on printer scenarios, lots of 2000 and vista crap on the test nothing really on xp. Youtube "professor Messer" his free a plus videos and hes got alot of them go over the aplus and give you everything you need to know on the questions. I used macgraw hill and cybex books but for the test professor messer helped me the most. Please if you want to pass both exams go to youtube and search for the aplus professor messer videos! There free!

    I Now Have my lifetime Membership :)

    Sorry to all who dont pass both exams by tommorow and shame on CompTia for taking there money now every 3 years. HAHA!
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