Quest about Material on 2009 Exam

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Hello. I am wondering if someone can tell me

1 - how much POST beep recognition appears on the A+ 2009 Exams? In my 2006 book it is covered extensivly but in my 2009 book it covers very briefly and advises to refer to your BIOS manufacturer for what each beep actually means.

2 - CPU sockets/slots also..Yuck. I'm having a hard time remembering these. Any thoughts on this one as well?


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    I don't think you'll be expected to memorize all the beep codes out there...every manufacturer (and even model) has its own list of codes, so there is no standard. The error (number) codes, however, are standard and may be worthwhile to peruse.

    As for processors/sockets - visuals always worked well for me. Have you checked out this hardware chart?
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    I just took the 701 test last Thursday and did not get a single question on sockets or beep codes. I realize that every test is different, but from what I have been reading, beep codes went away with the 601 test. Even then, my 601 books said to know only the generic first 5.
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    I passed the 701 two weeks ago, and passed the 702 on Friday. There were no beep code questions on 701, but there were 2-3 on the 702.
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    Great - thanks everyone...and thanks for the chart!
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