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We have two 3750s in a stacked setup. One of them has failed and needs to be replaced.
Whats the process to get this done correctly?

From what i have read all i need to do is connect the new switch to the existing switch while the new switch is off. Then power it up and it should recieve the provisioned config from the master.

Is that correct? Both swithes are running IOS c3750-advipservicesk9-mz.122-44.SE2.

The master switch has these commands;

switch 1 provision ws-c3750g-24ts-1u
switch 2 provision ws-c3750g-24ts-1u

So if i just add the new switch to the stack will everything just work?
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    Man, I've had a lot of fun :P with these at work.

    As long as the switches have the same identical IOS, yes, it will work fine.
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    suffah wrote: »
    Man, I've had a lot of fun :P with these at work.

    As long as the switches have the same identical IOS, yes, it will work fine.

    Yea i have never really had to troubleshoot stacked switches to much...

    Does the same go for when you would like to add a brand new switch to the stack? Just plug it in, power it on, and it will become the next member?
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    you need same major and minor version, and it will update to the stack version

    if it does not have smae minor version it will come up with a version mismatch error and not add to the stack.

    then you can console in to the newswitch and run a command to update the software to the master switch version.

    A word of warning, make sure the newswitch has a lower priority than the current stack master!!! and if it is a different model then you need to go in to the stack, unprovision the current failed switch and replace it with the new model

    #conf t
    #no switch privision x
    #switch provisison x <model type?

    you have to check them commands as thats of the top of my head. this stage will keep the switchs ordered correctly and help with keeping your config nice but are not nessery. Just make sure you chek what switch is waht and you configs makes sence.
    You can end up with a stacjk that thinks it has 3 switchs in it, but the port config only applies to 2 of them, one of which does not exist.
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