ipv6 tunneling 831 soho to asa 5505

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Hey guys

trying to get educated on say tunneling ipv6 thru ipv4.
I have a soho 831 router at home was thinking on putting it in front
of my asa 5505.

Let me see if I got this right. I set up a manual tunnel from my 831 soho
to the ipv6 broker with the settings he gives me. The range of ipv6 addresses I then use for each machine I have in my house that wants to access the ipv6 network via v6 tunnel set up on my 831 soho?

So do I some how pass thru my asa 5505 all ipv6 traffic and can I have my fwl scan for breaches in the network? I mean since I wont be using NAT and port block or will I. Going thru my asa 5505 is the hard part. not sure how to deal with the ipv6. I dont think my asa 5505 works well with
ipv6 if my memory serves me right?

has anyone done this and any good documentation? I do have to use v6 addresses on each pc in my internal lan that uses the v6 tunnel right?
there is no NAT v4 to v6 is there. how do I use my asa 5505 to do its job of blocking and preventing network breaches? thanks


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