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I would like to know if anyone has ever tried this. I want to use SSH through a Linksys router to Dynamips Terminal Server. The Linksys is providing my internet with a Sprint data card. The Linksys is using NAT as well.


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    Plenty of people have used Dynamips for CCENT up to and including CCIE.

    If the Sprint data card has a public IP assigned to it and it allows incoming connections then yes. You'd set the Linksys router to do portforward to the server that Dynamips is running on.

    Be aware that you'd still probably want some real switches to go along with the virtual routers. The switch support in Dynamips isn't particularly great and the workaround of putting a NM-16ESW into a router isn't ideal.
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    yes, i must have not been able to get it to work properly or i wouldn't have abandoned it. I opted just to telnet directly to the physical term server with the dynamips devices as hosts to it.

    also the 2509/2511 do support ssh v1 with 16/16
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    keenon wrote: »
    also the 2509/2511 do support ssh v1 with 16/16
    I tried loading the specific version that has crypto support and I realise why they dropped crypto from later releases as its super slow. A 2610 + NM-16A is usually cheaper than 2511 and it'll do SSH with no problems.
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