Windows 2008 Server Standard in Retail Box - 5 CALS

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I'm kind of new here (MS Forum area)... I have been hanging out in the Cisco forum. However I wanted to seek your professional advice, as I am only a novice when it comes to 2008.

I have an opportunity to purchase the below for $120, is that a good deal and is there any downside to purchasing this product from a stranger... I mean they say the box is sealed and never opened, but you never know!#$?

I'm not sure what the Part Number below is or relates too... google brought back random stuff.


Windows 2008 Server Standard in Retail Box - 5 CALS
Brand New in Retail Box. Never Used.
Part No. X14-03661-02
$120.00 takes it.

I contacted MS and they reminded me that the EULA or TOS doesn't allow this person to resell the item, but they would be able to let me know if the activation code is legitimate. However only until I install it and attempt to activate it would I find out if the product code has ever been used or not.

So... again I ask...

1) Is this a good price for this software--I noticed some R2 comparisons comments on other post and it seems I would not be getting the full blown version, which leads me to my 2nd question.

2) What is the difference major differences between this version and the R2 version in a nutshell?

I would like to use the software for getting certified on MS 2008, using it for non commercial use in a lab. Such as basically using it for webhosting, DHCP, AAA, DNS, and getting more familiar with AD etc.

I greatly appreciate your time and answer in advance.

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